Many of you are aware that the library has been working with the town for several years now (in fact, the project really goes back a couple decades) on the addition of an elevator and renovation of the second floor, a project that would ultimately provide the library with ADA accessibility. The town has been able to secure a $125,000 STEAP Grant and has designated ARPA Grant funding to go towards these projects. The elevator and the completion of the second floor were put out to bid but came back really high due to the current cost of supplies. The town then decided to split the project up and put just the elevator out to bid again, with the hope that the project could be completed in phases and that the cost of supplies may come down again in time. Those bids are due back soon and the board of selectmen will be meeting to discuss the project at their meeting on Tuesday, November 15, at 7 pm.

At this board of selectmen meeting, the four selectmen will vote on whether to proceed with the elevator project or to stop pursuing it. They are currently at a crossroads, with two in favor of the project and two opposed. If the project does not continue, the town must return the $125,000 STEAP Grant to the State of Connecticut because it can only be spent on the library renovation (it must be spent by March but can be used as a down payment on the project). The town is also running out of time to spend the ARPA Grant funding before it must return this money as well. The library does not want to lose this funding and we believe ADA accessibility and the renovation of the second floor matter to our community. While these grants do not cover the full project, they cover a large portion of the elevator phase. We would like to ask those who are in favor of these projects to please send a letter to the board of selectmen. Their new email address is Please ask that your comments be read during the board of selectmen meeting.

We would also welcome and encourage anyone who can make it to attend the board of selectmen meeting on Tuesday, November 15, at 7 pm.

As always, we thank our community for their support.