Fill out the form below by noon on Friday each week (just once a week!) and you will receive the Treat for the Week!

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Complete these any time this summer! You can do whichever ones you like, as many times as you like! When you fill out your weekly Google form, you will indicate which challenges you completed.

  • Read a book that offers a window to another culture
  • Read a biography
  • Read a book that makes you laugh
  • Read a book with water on the cover
  • Read outside
  • Read to a sibling or pet
  • Listen to an audiobook
  • Read a downloaded book
  • Read a collection of short stories or poems
  • Read a book recommended by a librarian (Nutmeg books count! You can also email Ms. Eileen at for a suggestion!)
  • Make something (food, craft, artwork) inspired by something you’ve read
  • Read a non-fiction book to learn something new
  • Recommend a book to a friend or relative
  • Read a book that someone in your family liked and wants you to read
  • Visit RML outside to take part in our Seek & Find, Chalk Obstacle Course or other game!

Theme Weeks

Make sure you don’t miss out on programs, crafts and other fun activities that go with each special summer theme! Everything will be posted here on our website.

  1. June 20 – 26: Pets & Pals
  2. June 27 – July 3: Celebrate America!
  3. July 4 – July 10: Beetles, Bugs & Butterflies 
  4. July 11 – July 17: The Science of Summer
  5. July 18 – 24: Fairies, Fantasy & Fun
  6. July 25 – 31: The Great Outdoors
  7. August 1 – 7: Creatures of the Sea
  8. August 8 – 14: Goin’ on a Picnic    


Library Programs:

Seek & Find! Stop by the Children’s window at RML and see if you can find all the items listed, hidden in the window! Email us after by sending your name/phone to and one winner will get to choose the next Seek & Find theme!

It’s a Virtual Pet Parade! Not only are all the pets happy to have their families nearby this summer, but backyard wildlife is busy too! Send us a picture of you and your pet or a backyard friend. You can be doing something fun or just relaxing like this picture of Benny who roams (and runs) Ms. Eileen’s neighborhood. If all you have is a favorite stuffed animal or figurine, that’s fine too! Pictures will be posted to the RML Facebook page and KidLit Library blog during this week.


NatGeo Kids Pet Central has videos, games and photo tips on taking great pics of your pets!  Click here to visit!

Joke of the Week:

Why do fish live in saltwater?

Because pepper makes them sneeze!



The Center for Pet Safety has a First Aid Kit project just for your pet! Click here to check it out!

Highlighted Author/Illustrator: Bob Shea

Bob Shea has drawn so many kinds of animals! From cats to hippos and unicorns to dinosaurs, his critters are always having a good time. Visit his website and learn how to draw Ballet Cat, Unicorn and Dinosaur!