If you are interested in reserving our upstairs meeting room, you must print out an application and return it to the library prior to approval. Forms may be obtained at the front desk or found here, along with our meeting room usage policy as seen below.


 Richmond Memorial Library Upstairs Meeting Room Rules and Responsibilities


  • Organized groups are eligible to book the meeting room at the library’s discretion. Meeting room use is limited to library hours of operation and one additional hour after library closes for business. The upstairs meeting room is not a private room. Only a curtain separates the space from the rest of the library. Noise must be kept to a minimum as those downstairs can hear those in the upstairs meeting room. A maximum of 25 people is permitted per order of the Fire Marshall.
  • The upstairs meeting room may be reserved up to four (4) sessions at a time
  • The library reserves the right to use the room, cancelling your reservation, as needs arise.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in library meeting rooms.
  • Prior notification of the Library Director is requested if the news media is invited to or will be present at any event.
  • Proper adult supervision of minors is required at all times. Groups using a meeting room may not leave children unsupervised in other areas of the Library.
  • Organizations are responsible for setting up the room according to their needs and clearing the room when finished. Failure to return the room to its prior condition may result in forfeiture of future use.
  • When leaving, shut off all lights and close windows. If leaving after Library is closed, the outside front doors will lock behind you, please check to make sure doors are completely shut.
  • The organization using the room agrees to be responsible for any damage done to the building or its furnishings. DO NOT SIT ON TABLES AND MAKE SURE UNDERNEATH LATCHES ARE LOCKED BEFORE USING.
  • The Library and the Town of Marlborough assume no responsibility for property left in the building.



Richmond Memorial Library and the Americans with Disabilities Act Relocation of Event Policy


The Richmond Memorial Library complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. The Library will provide equitable service to all who use the Library’s services, programs and activities.

The Library has limited meeting room space including a second floor meeting room with capacity for 25 persons. There is no elevator to the second floor. If a Library-sponsored program is scheduled to be held on the second floor, notice in the Library’s publicity about Library-sponsored events will include information about its lack of accessibility and how to request accommodations. If the event is not a Library-sponsored program, it is the responsibility of the individual or group using the space to publicize a notice at least one month prior to the event about the second floor’s lack of accessibility, with information for the public about how to request accommodations. It is the sponsoring individual or group’s responsibility to find alternate accessible space if requested, or to re-schedule the event to such a time that a fully accessible location is available. 

If full accessibility is needed by a person or persons to attend a Library-sponsored program, a request for Relocation of Event should be made as early as possible, preferably at least two weeks prior to the program. This notice should be made to the Library Director requesting relocation so that alternate space can be found. Notice can be given by:

  1. Telephone – call Library Director Aubrey Muscaro at 860-295-6210
  2. Email – email the Library Director at amuscaro@richmondlibrary.info

If the Director receives a request more than two weeks prior to the Library-sponsored program, the Director will make every effort to move the event to another location that is accessible for all and located in the Town of Marlborough. If no such space is available, the event will be re-scheduled to such a time that a fully accessible location is available. In the event that the Director is unavailable, requests can be directed to the Children’s Librarian or the Catalog/Reference Librarian.

If the Director receives a request less than two weeks prior to a Library-sponsored program, the Director will make every effort to move the event to another location, but is under no obligation to re-schedule the event if no accessible space is available.